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Foster Home Application

We appreciate your interest in becoming a Foster Home with Houston Boxer Rescue (HBR) and are very excited, so let's get started!  We just need you to check on a few things—please make sure you fill out the entire application.  Any items not completed only delays the processing of your application.  We know it's long and personal, but we ask these questions for the benefit of our rescued boxers.

By applying to become a foster parent, you are giving the volunteers of HBR permission to obtain information from your veterinarian and references.  Another important piece to becoming a member of our Foster Family community is your pets vaccinations, neuter/spay, and heartworm preventative status.  HBR requires all of this to be current before you can be approved as a foster parent for our boxers.  One additional item that HBR will need to verify is the condition of the fence surrounding your property.  Is it in good condition, does it have locks, and/or are there gaps where you can see under the fence?  These are all details you will want to correct before you can bring any dog home from HBR.  If you can identify an easy way out of your yard, be certain your dog will too!  Don’t forget to check if someone can find an easy way INTO your yard to see your dog!

Here at HBR, we have extremely big hearts and lots of love; we put all of that into the dogs we save.  We won't just let anyone foster, only the few, the proud and the well deserving individuals who respond and follow our wishes accordingly.  After all, this is necessary to save the precious life of a boxer in need!  So that's it for now! Have fun filling out the application and please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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