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Kroger  supermarkets provide a simple way for you to help HBR with their Neighbor to Neighbor program.  Follow this LINK then print the instructions needed to begin!  Once your Kroger, King Soopers, or Ralph's Card is activated at the store with the scan code provided for Houston Boxer Rescue, be sure to scan your participating store card with every purchase you make.  

It doesn't cost you a penny!

The Kroger Company will donate a percentage of your eligible purchases to HBR!

  REMEMBER: Your Kroger Card must be RE-Linked to HBR every JULY!  Your favorite Kroger will do this for you at the customer service desk. The 2011-2012 Form is linked, above.




HBR earns $5.00 for each newly registered shopper at iGive.com which lists Houston Boxer Rescue as their cause!  How simple is that?  Plus, HBR will earn percentages from every purchase made by a shopper who has selected HBR!  

Now, I know everyone loves to save time and FUEL by shopping online.  There are hundreds of venues listed with iGive.  You don't have to buy something special or high dollar, purchase things you need for your daily lives, only do it through iGive!  Every penny adds up to help the HBR dogs!  

On your mark!  Get set!  Go SHOPPING!    click here  

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