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What About Sponsorship? 


Often people with compassionate hearts do not have a schedule or home environment conducive to volunteering in a hands on manner.  Believe me, HBR volunteers with routines stretched to the max, understand this!  The truth of the matter is, and I'm going to mention the dirty word here, "money", is what enables us to do what we do.  Without funding, more boxers will languish in shelters and be put to death needlessly.  Virtually all of these animals are adoptable.  A sad but true fact.


In addition to routine vaccinations, spay or neuter and heartworm treatment, many dogs come into rescue with needs over and above the norm.  Dogs that have been left to live on the street may be emaciated, develop mange, or end up with broken bones.  These are the faces we see each week and have to make hard decisions.  It is heart breaking!  But this is also where our sponsors have the opportunity to exchange death for life!  Together we can build bright futures for frightened and confused boxers who have so much love to give!


Please consider a partnership with Houston Boxer Rescue today by sponsoring a rescue dog of your choice.  Their success stories are built upon your willingness to give!


With Our Heartfelt Thanks,

The Houston Boxer Rescue Volunteers



*Many companies/employers offer a matching donation program for qualified 501(c)3 non-profit organizations.  Wouldn't it be awesome to double your contribution?  Enquire at your work place!

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